Middle School Competition   

MARCH 12th, 2022


The leadership project focuses on the Tenacity team organizing with other students to mobilize change within the school community.

Teams are asked to identify a problem or issue within their school community. Beginning October 1st, Tenacity team members must devise and enact a plan to raise awareness and educate their community on the issue. The issue may be anything of importance to the team; including, but not limited to a social, environmental or political concern.  The plan must include action steps to not only raise awareness, but also steps that may be taken to address this challenge. It is important to note that not all steps to “solve” or address the issue must be taken prior to the creation of the presentation of the project and the overall purpose is not to “solve” the issue.

Students will design a leadership plan for next steps in furthering positive change related to the theme of their project to empower their community.


Students are required to create a presentation for the day of the Tenacity Challenge. The presentation may be in the form of a 2D or 3D installation, PSA or an artistic mural; however, it must contain:


 - A description of and rationale for why the topic was chosen

 - A description of what steps were taken to raise awareness and/or address the issue

 - A description of the challenges faced during the development and implementation process

 - A reflection on what impact was made on the school community and/or school culture as a result of        the leadership project. What evidence will show some quantitative or qualitative way

   to analyze impact?


For the Leadership competition, teams will be presenting their project to the judges virtually in breakout rooms, so the presentation itself may be in Google Slides or any application the team chooses from NearPod to Explain Everything.  Presentations should be no longer 5 minutes to allow for judges’ questions.


Math quiz bowl teams will consist of three members.  The team determines the division of responsibilities.


Event Guidelines:

All teams will compete at the same time and will have an equal opportunity to answer all questions.


The moderator will read the question. After the question is read, teams will have a designated amount of time to answer each question.  Times will vary depending on the difficulty of the question and the amount of calculation required.


Questions for the quiz bowl will be drawn from the subjects of:

- Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry


Prior to the competition, students should have engaged in a sustained study of one or more books. Choosing from a list of titles, students will compose a creative response, which may be a poem, an original song with lyrics and musical score, letter to a major character, a letter from a major character to a leader or influential person connected to the time or struggle, or an additional scene or sequel event to the story.


The Literature competition presentation must be pre-recorded or filmed and shared with Lynda_McGraw@bedfordps.org and yvonne_cormier@bedfordps.org by March 1st to give time to troubleshoot any technical issues.  If possible, .MP4 format is preferable.  Teams are encouraged to be creative and follow the guidelines on the website.  Please keep the video recording to 7-10 minutes.  We intend to watch all of the literature competition entries as a large group and judges will be amongst the crowd.  There are no questions after each presentation.

About the Middle School Tenacity Challenge:


The LA2 Tenacity Challenge is an annual academic competition for teams of 7th and 8th grade Latinx and African-American students from urban and suburban middle schools across Massachusetts. During the extended period of preparation, students build academic capacity, strengthen intellectual risk-taking, hone leadership skills through an action project, and develop enduring peer and faculty relationships.

The Middle School Tenacity Challenge competition will consist of three events centered around the theme of leadership, empowerment and tenacity.  The competition will take place on March 12th, 2022.  Each 6-7 member team will determine its own division of labor in order to prepare for the three events:


 - Leadership Action Project 

 - Math Quiz Bowl Challenge 

 - Global Voices Literary Analysis

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